Category: Video Production

Aquobex – K50 Product Training (2017)

Brief: To produce a training video for the K50 Flood Barrier System. End user educational tool – corporate client. Intended audience: End user – corporate client. Process: Film installation of K50 Flood Barrier System with emphasis on proper deployment for instruction video purposes. Edit and apply voice over for intended audience.    

Happy New Year (2016)

Brief: To create a short “Happy New Year” clip for website and social media use (notably Facebook and Twitter). Intended audience: Global! Process (edit): Capture beach scene with textured lettering in the sand. Stabilise footage, audio edit song structure to fit to timing and title with a suitably eventful theme.

Aquobex Trade Show (2015)

Brief: To consolidate video, Powerpoint slides and logos into a cohesive video for playout at trade shows. Intended audience: Trade show attendees. Process (edit): Repurpose slides to correct frame size, tidy up third party source video and combine into a single entity.

B Starz Production of Matilda (2015)

Brief: To capture the performance of B Starz Brighton’s production of Matilda. Note: As this production featured an all-child cast, clearance for public showing was not granted. Only the titles for this production have been published on this site. Intended audience: To be shown at a premiere event at B Starz and for DVD copies…
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Messy Church Promo for LHFC (2013)

Brief: To create a vibrant promotional video for both church and non-church audiences (i.e. no assumed previous knowledge of what Messy Church is about). Show chronologically the standard components of a Messy Church event. Intended audience: To be shown in church, during group meetings and on the church website. Process: Edit from a 2 camera…
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The Edge Promo for LHFC (2010)

Brief: Promotional video for the Friday evening youth event “The Edge”. Walk around the church rooms showing standard components of a typical evening in an “edgy” style. Intended Audience: School groups coming up to entry level age for The Edge (School Year 6). Process (shoot): Single camera hand held shoot, following flow of the evening…
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Adding To The Escape (2014)

Brief: To generate a “fun” training aid for upselling confectionary, drinks and food during ticket sales process. The purpose of the presentation to assist staff in “reading” the customer, being able to effectively sell to the customer type. The premise being that during the paused section the trainees have to work out what the customer…
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