Adding To The Escape (2014)

Adding to the escape

Brief: To generate a “fun” training aid for upselling confectionery, drinks and food during ticket sales process. The purpose of the presentation to assist staff in “reading” the customer, being able to effectively sell to the customer type. The premise being that during the paused section the trainees have to work out what the customer is about to buy (if anything).

Note: As this was produced for in-house training purposes only the titles for this production have been published on this site.

Intended audience: Empire Cinema front of house staff for training purposes, board members for approval.

Process (edit): Distil from the large quantity of multiply-sourced shoots (captured by cinema staff) a good mix of “customer types” (pre-defined demographic groups that the marketing team had generated). Compilation of the selected shots with effects to shorten the playback time to 15-20 seconds per customer, assigning complementary musical cues with pre-assigned pauses for training presentation purposes. Where possible humour was used in the musical selection / synchronization.

Process (DVD production): Generate a chaptered DVD with an “out takes” section for end of session entertainment. Procure disc pressing service with screen-printed discs.

Client response:
“Thanks again. Everyone was really chuffed with the film put together.”
Lisa Rowland, Customer Experience Manager, Empire Cinemas