Messy Church Promo for LHFC (2013)

Brief: To create a vibrant promotional video for both church and non-church audiences (i.e. no assumed previous knowledge of what Messy Church is about). Show chronologically the standard components of a Messy Church event.

Intended audience: To be shown in church, during group meetings and on the church website.

Process: Edit from a 2 camera shoot (not multiple angles), utilising suitable royalty-free music. A large number of “eye candy” transitions to maintain interest and beat of piece.

Client response:
“Really enjoyed watching the finished Messy Church Video, it captured the energy and excitement of the activity and gives a great insight into what it is and how much fun is enjoyed. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this and for using your skills in producing something that will be very effective when it is used.”
Tim Hancock, Minister, Locks Heath Free Church