Social Media Feeds

RedLED Productions are able to maintain your social media presence with text, audio and video posts. Is it a product promotion you wish to generate a “buzz” around? Do you want to remind people of the great aspects of your company? Publish teaser copy about a “must attend” event? The opportunities really are only limited…
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Aquobex – Rapidam Flexi Product Overview (2018)

Brief: To produce a promotional video for the Rapidam Flexi Flood Barrier System, providing an overview of the ease of deployment. Intended audience: End user – corporate clients. Process: Film installation of the Rapidam Flexi Flood Barrier System. Multiple camera shoot to capture alternative angles from the single deployment session. Edit footage to show the…
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Swan Hotel

Aquobex – Swan Hotel Training Video (2018)

Brief: To produce a training video for the Swan Hotel, Cumbria. Multiple products to be covered with tie-in to the map of the establishment. End user educational tool – corporate client. Intended audience: End user – corporate client. Process: Film installation of Rapidam Rigid flood barrier system and other flood protection products with emphasis on…
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Aquobex – K50 Product Training (2017)

Brief: To produce a training video for the K50 Flood Barrier System (now branded the Rapidam Rigid Flood Barrier System). End user educational tool – corporate client. Intended audience: End user – corporate client. Process: Film installation of K50 Flood Barrier System with emphasis on proper deployment for instruction video purposes. Edit and apply voice…
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West Sussex County Council – Chinese New Year (2016)

Brief: To create an informative but fun video about the Chinese New Year for primary school children. Note: Due to performer rights only the titles and end sequence have been incorporated in this edit. Intended audience: Primary school children in the West Sussex region. Process: Collate research on the traditions that are followed in China…
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Happy New Year (2016)

Brief: To create a short “Happy New Year” clip for website and social media use (notably Facebook and Twitter). Intended audience: Global! Process (edit): Capture beach scene with textured lettering in the sand. Stabilise footage, audio edit song structure to fit to timing and title with a suitably eventful theme.  

Aquobex Trade Show (2015)

Brief: To consolidate video, PowerPoint slides and logos into a cohesive video for playout at trade shows. Intended audience: Trade show attendees. Process (edit): Repurpose slides to correct frame size, tidy up third party source video and combine into a single entity.  


Audiobook Production – ACX – Audiobook Creation Exchange

Brief: To produce individually mastered audio files for each chapter of an audiobook as an ACX Producer. Rendering to the specifically requested file format and adhering to the ACX audio specifications. Note: As these are commercially sold audio files, example files are not allowed to be featured on this site. Intended audience: Global market via…
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CBRNe Conference / Seminar Audio Editing (2015)

Brief: To produce individual audio files for each speaker’s presentation at the CBRNe Convergence 2014 Conference. The edited files to be formatted suitable for web usage, with pertinent metadata and accompanying documentation. Note: Due to the sensitive nature and subscriber-only status of these audio files there are no examples available on this site. Intended audience:…
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B Starz

B Starz Production of Matilda (2015)

Brief: To capture the performance of B Starz Brighton’s production of Matilda. Note: As this production featured an all-child cast, clearance for public showing was not granted. Only the titles for this production have been published on this site. Intended audience: To be shown at a premiere event at B Starz and for DVD copies…
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